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Fronius Celebrates Seventy-Fifth Anniversary

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Austrian-based, family-owned Fronius International GmbH -- specializing in  welding, solar energy, and photovoltaics and battery charging technology -- is celebrating its seventy-fifth birthday. Headquartered in Pettenbach, Austria, the company evolved from a one-man regional repair shop to a global business employing more than 5,440 employees. 

Its welding unit started in 1950, when company founder Günter Fronius discovered he could melt a rod electrode with the technology used in the battery chargers. The mid-1970s witnessed a technology revolution with the Fronius Transarc 500, said to be the world’s first transistor-based primary switched inverter welding system. In 1998 the Transarc was replaced by the digital TransPuls Synergic (TPS), the first welding system capable of being updated. At the time, the company was also researching a new type of welding process, which was dubbed “cold metal transfer” (CMT) in 2005.

Since 2005, it has been possible to join extremely thin materials, as well as materials such as aluminum and steel. Today, Fronius is setting a new trend with TPS/i (Trans Process Solution/intelligent revolution). This high-performance welding computer is the company’s answer to Industry 4.0 and comes into its own when used in conjunction with the data management system provided by the WeldCube Premium software solution. 

In 1992, the business began to focus on solar energy as a “technology of the future.” The Business Unit Solar Energy has been part of Fronius since 1992. The Fronius Sunrise inverter was launched on the market in 1995 and the Fronius IG was launched in 2001. The latter was the first inverter with a high-frequency transformer, which allows technicians to replace the PC board on site. In addition, the business has developed from a pure inverter manufacturer to a provider of solutions for storage, distribution and consumption of energy. The company’s product range extends from tailor-made storage solutions to photovoltaics for water heating and solar e-mobility, hydrogen production and storage, and H2 refueling infrastructure. The Fronius portfolio will soon be extended to include the Symo GEN24 Plus three-phase hybrid inverter, an all-in-one solution for comprehensive solar self-sufficiency.

The Business Unit Perfect Charging is using lithium-ion technology, as well as incorporating new ideas about digitalization and device networking.

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