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Hannibal Expands Staff, Tube Offerings

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Hannibal Industries, Los Angeles, has announced growth in both personnel and material offerings. The changes are being made to grow the tubular side of the business.

The company has expanded its sale staff by my more than 50 percent. Additionally, it has added a dozen new sizes to its carbon tube division.

“Hannibal Industries has been a leading provider of carbon steel tubing to a variety of industries for more than 30 years, and 2019 gave us an opportunity to make fresh investments in our staff as well as our product line that are available now to customers across the U.S.,” said Reed Reynolds, COO at Hannibal Industries. “In 2020, we are focused on providing even more value to our existing customers as well as new customers that have need of readily available tubing in a broad variety of sizes and shapes for just about any application.”

The additions include expanded offerings in round, square and rectangular tube products. For more information, visit

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