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Jensen Rebrands Powder FInishing Business

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Jensen Metal Products, a long-time leader in metal fabricating, has rebranded its powder finishers facility to Powder Jensen Powder Finishers. JPF joins Jensen Metal Products in offering a  complete line of metal component fabricating and finishing in Wisconsin.

“Jensen Powder Finishers recent equipment upgrades and additions uniquely position it as one of the most capable powder finishers in the upper Midwest," said Seth Jensen,president and CEO. “With recent improvements to our powder coating facility, taking this opportunity to align the name more closely with our 102 years of experience as a Wisconsin-based manufacturer demonstrates the long-term commitment we have in bringing the value of a one-stop-shop to customers. Jensen customers can confidently rely on us to continue to drive innovation and excellence in the OEM and custom component market.”

Jensen Metal Products purchased Powder Finishers in 2018, expanding on its powder coating capabilities. Embarking on an aggressive system reconfiguration and upgrade in 2023, Jensen Powder Finishers now has two automated powder coating lines including one of the area’s largest single-pass, two-coat capabilities which can handle parts as large as 68 inches by 36 inches by 480 inches.