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​Novelis, Georgia Tech Extend Research Venture

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Novelis Inc. has expanded its research partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology, Novelis Innovation Hub, with a focus on materials and process research to help Novelis fulfill its purpose of shaping a sustainable world and reach a net zero carbon footprint by 2050, the company claims.

This extended cooperation will build on the programs already engaged to accelerate the pace of innovation via high throughput development methodologies coupled with artificial intelligence and to develop new generations of electric vehicle batteries, making use of aluminum to improve their performance. The extended programs will target improved performance with higher amounts of recycled aluminum in batteries.

"Our collaboration provides an exciting opportunity to accelerate our R&D and to boost the performance of EV batteries and recyclability, while lowering costs for automakers and battery manufacturers," said Philippe Meyer, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Novelis Inc. "But we want to go beyond and partner closely with Georgia Tech to help transform our industry to reach committed objectives toward sustainability." 

The expanded partnership continues ongoing technical research, while initiating new strategic programs. These include circular economy solutions or decarbonization of the industrial footprint and promoting entrepreneurship and incubation of new ventures. This will drive accelerated commercialization of new products, resulting in broader relationships with Georgia Tech's business and commercialization groups.