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Nucor Expands Steelmaking Capacity With New EAF

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Nucor Steel Gallatin is expanding the steelmaking capacity at its flat-rolled sheet steel mill located in Ghent, Ky.  As part of the expansion project, Nucor is adding a new 175-ton EAF that will increase the mill's annual capacity from 1.6 million tons to approximately 3 million tons of coiled steel.


Systems Spray-Cooled, of The Systems Group, El Dorado, Ark., supplied the new EAF and has delivered its first shipment of Spray-Cooled equipment to Nucor Steel Gallatin.  The Spray-Cooled equipment will include 100 percent of Nucor's on-furnace cooling needs, to include the EAF shells, roofs and fume elbows.  


The EAF sidewall will incorporate a unique proprietary profile that includes integrated “bump-outs” to help protect the burners and refractory bricks and reduce scrap jams at the slag door opening area.  The roof will be a new steep cone design for optimization and extended lifetime.  The elbow will incorporate a new integrated drain design that eliminates bolted connections for quicker change outs.  Both the sidewall and roof will have an integrated Resistive Temperature Detector (RTD) system to enable zone monitoring of water temperatures throughout the furnace.  


Nucor's decision to install Spray-Cooled equipment was based on the success the company has seen at their other EAF shops and on the need for the safest, most environmentally friendly, lowest cost option (supply and maintenance) along with the extended life and performance for water-cooled equipment.