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Nucor to Build Rebar Micro Mill in South Atlantic

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Nucor Corp. will build a rebar micro mill in the South Atlantic region. The company’s board of directors approved the project, which is expected to cost $350 million.

The new mill will have an annual capacity of 430,000 tons. It will also feature spooling capability.

"We have recently executed two successful rebar micro mill start-ups and believe the East Coast market will be in need of additional rebar supply in the coming years, particularly with the recent passage of the infrastructure spending bill," said Leon Topalian, president and CEO  of Nucor. "Rebar has been a core business for Nucor since we got into steelmaking and this project will enable us to maintain our leadership position in the rebar market."

Nucor already operates rebar micro mills in Missouri and Florida, both of which began operations in 2020. The rebar market is expected to show continued strength in the years to come. Most of the rebar used in the U.S. is produced domestically, and rebar imports have decreased in recent years due to strong trade enforcement, Nucor claims.

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