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Nucor to Partner in Fusion Power Plant

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Nucor Corp., Charlotte, N.C.,  will collaborate with fusion power company, Helion to develop a 500 MW fusion power plant. The project will offer baseload zero-carbon electricity from fusion directly to a Nucor steelmaking facility.

Nucor and Helion are working together to set a firm timeline and are committed to beginning operations as soon as possible with a target of 2030. Nucor is making a direct investment of $35 million in Helion to accelerate fusion deployment in the United States. This is the first fusion energy agreement of this scale in the world and will pave the way for decarbonizing the entire industrial sector.

"Nucor continues to position itself as a leader in developing clean energy solutions to decarbonize the industrial sector. This agreement with Helion, along with recent investments in clean energy, can change the entire energy landscape and forever change the world, embracing a clean energy future we could have hardly imagined a few years ago," said Leon Topalian, chair, president, and CEO of Nucor. "We believe in the technology Helion is building and are proud to make this investment."  

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