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Quebec Aluminum Company Building Remelt Center

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Shawinigan Aluminium Inc. will invest $7 million to build a new aluminum remelt center to recycle clean process aluminum scrap from Rio Tinto and others to meet the growing needs of customers for products made with recycled aluminum.

The new center will have a capacity of 30,000 metric tons annually. It is expected to open by early 2021.

"We at SAI are proud to provide quality and reliability to our customers. This investment will allow SAI to continue to produce in accord with the long tradition established since 1956 while ensuring the well-being and safety of employees,” said Michael Boudreault, president of SAI.

With the new plant, SAI will be able to use clean process scraps and turn them again into billets while maintaining quality, meeting the growing needs of customers for products made with recycled aluminum while significantly reducing its impact on the environment, the company claims. In addition, the project will give SAI additional operational flexibility, increasing its product range and reducing the time of its production cycle.

“As a SAI customer, Rio Tinto will be able to offer its customers integrated solutions ranging from very low-carbon primary aluminum to closed-loop recycled aluminum billets, produced from their own clean recycled scrap. We are very proud to take this new step towards the circular economy, in collaboration with our customers,” said Jean Francois Laplante, director Industrial Product & Investment, Aluminium for Rio Tinto.

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