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SNT Completes Pickle Line Upgrade at Nucor Crawfordsville

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Samuel Nelson Technology has completed the design and supply of key process equipment in the Purdue pickle line at Nucor Crawfordsville. The revamp of the pickling line involved replacing the existing pickling and rinse tanks and converting the process from a 3-stage to a 4-stage pickle line in order to increase pickling speeds, reduce acid consumption and reduce load on the fume extraction system.

The total shutdown time, including demolition and start-up, was just 17 days.

Nelson’s Turbo Tunnel pickling tank design reduces acid and gas consumption in comparison to the standard, single cover pickling tank that was replaced, the company claims. The Turbo Tunnel design also increases acid containment, reduces emissions from the exhaust stack, and improves pickling speed and surface quality.

Initial start-up production figures indicate that substantial higher line speeds of up to 30 percent over the previous tanks, yielding much higher productivity without changing the footprint of the facility.

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