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TCI Precision Metals Adds Precision Plate Saw

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TCI Precision Metals, Gardena, Calif., has completed installation of its new high-precision plate saw, the Schelling fm8. The saw is the latest in a series of investments the company has made over the last 12 months in precision, high-volume equipment intended to reduce turnaround time to customers, increase efficiency, and continually improve quality.

The new Schelling fm8 plate saw can cut aluminum and other nonferrous metals up to 6 inches in thickness at speeds up to 100 feet per minute. The saw is computer controlled to help nest parts for minimal scrap, and cutting consistently at close tolerances of plus/minus 0.005 inches and within 0.005-inch squareness. For even tighter tolerances, duplex milling, double-disc and blanchard grinding services deliver plus/minus 0.0005 inches.

“Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations in quality and efficiency. Our machine-ready blanks are custom produced to net or near-net size with close tolerances, both dimensionally and in flatness, eliminating the need for shops to do in-house materials prep,” said Ben Belzer, president and COO.

In other news, the company has appointed Matt Erickson as director of sales.  He has extensive experience in industrial operations, sales, program management, and a customer-first management style.