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Tecoi Opens Texas HQ

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Spain’s Tecoi, internationally recognized for designing, developing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining customized metal cutting and processing equipment, has opened a new North American headquarters in Longview, Texas. From there, Tecoi will be able to provide more comprehensive service and support for its growing customer base of metal processors, the company claims.

Tecoi USA offers metal processing stations designed to improve productivity on a large scale. That includes large format and dimension laser cutting stations, large format oxyfuel and plasma plate cutting stations that also incorporate and combine machining functions such as beveling, milling and drilling; equipment for automated plate storage; waste disposal equipment; fume extraction and noise reduction equipment; as well as cutting tables and manual and automatic tube lathes.

Tecoi USA metal processing stations incorporate advanced artificial intelligence. With collaborative tech cell technology, Tecoi USA makes it possible for users to assign jobs to the right machine on-the-fly, collaboration between several machines working on the same plate at the same time, and advanced material handling solutions for loading and unloading plates. According to a Tecoi USA spokesman, “This is one of the most important developments in thermal cutting productivity in years. It can increase a customer’s machining productivity up to three times.” Tecoi is also one of the first companies to develop a 4.0 industry solution with full ERP connectivity.

Tecoi USA designs and manufactures customized solutions for a wide array of companies and industries that comprise a wide range of sectors in metal processing – including metal service centers, steel construction, heavy duty machinery, the oil and gas industry, shipyards and for wind power.

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