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Tube Producer Re-Orders Thermatool Equipment

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A major tube producer in North America has invested in Thermatool equipment again, this time for another mill. As was the case before, a Thermatool CFI HF Welder and an Alpha Flying Shear Cutoff will be installed.

The Thermatool CFI HF Welder ensures stable weld heat input control, and Thermatool AutoMatch ensures full power output over a wide range of product sizes and stabilizes HF welding frequency over the full range of diameters and wall thicknesses produced. The  HF Welder provides speed, power regulation and process stability.

The Alpha Flying Shear Cutoff enables a customer to achieve higher productivity, closer tolerance cut lengths on the mill and optimized cutting tool life, according to the company.  Suitable for heavy wall, high strength tube and pipe, Alpha Flying Shears solve the demanding production requirements of shearing high strength tube at short cut lengths. With optimized blade life of up to 80,000 cuts on a vertical blade, there are fewer mill stops and less open seam and scrap. The compact Alpha footprint saves factory space while achieving high mill speeds by using fully automated lubrication and batch processing controls.

“Our industry leading and advanced technologies across High Frequency Welders and Alpha Flying Shears gives tube and pipe producers the ability to grow and pivot into any industry or business they choose,” said Kris Livermore, director for Thermatool Corp. “We will be here for years to come and will support our customers for the long term to help them get the most value from their investments.”

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