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UAW Begins Strike Against Big 3

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After months of threats, the United Autoworkers formally began a strike against the Detroit 3 automakers Friday, Sept. 15. The strike began at select plants operated by General Motors, Ford and Stellantis.

Strikes began at a GM factory in Wentzville, Mo., a Ford facility in Wayne, Mich., and a Jeep operation in Toledo, Ohio.

Additional strikes could begin at other locations if progress isn’t made on negotiations, the United Autoworkers President Shawn Fain warned.

UAW workers have been seeking across-the-board wage increases of 36 percent over four years, while the automakers have countered with raises ranging between 17.5 and 20 percent.

This marks the first time in its history UAW has authorized stirkes against the Big 3 automakers simultaneously, heightening the threats to the entire supply chain, including steel, aluminum and copper and brass, among others.

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