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U.S. Steel Acquires IP from NanoSteel

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United States Steel Corp. has acquired the flat-rolled sheet patents and trademarks of The NanoSteel Company Inc. In the transaction, U.S. Steel acquired the intellectual property and becomes the sole owner and producer of the high-strength steel grades developed by The NanoSteel Company.

“We are pleased to offer our customers yet another set of advanced high-strength steel grades that move beyond the boundaries of what was previously possible,” U.S. Steel President and CEO David B. Burritt said. “These products are in line with our Best of Both strategy and complement and expand our already strong offering of advanced high-strength steels like our proprietary 980 XG3TM steel.”

The NanoSteel Company designed and developed patented proprietary alloys which derive exceptional mechanical properties from their nano-scale microstructure, which creates a unique combination of extreme strength with the enhanced formability normally found only in low-strength mild steels. NanoSteel grades can be rolled thicker than other high-strength grades and are designed for automotive and heavy industrial applications where higher strength-to-weight ratios are essential.

“We are already in discussions with customers around the world, looking at new applications where this combination of high formability and high strength was not available on a commercial scale until now,” Burritt said.