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U.S. Steel to Close Clairton Coke Battery

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U.S. Steel Corp. will permanently close its Clairton coke battery in Pennsylvania. The decision comes as part of a settlement with Allegheny County Health Department and PennEnvironment following a plant fire in 2018 and power outages at the plant in 2019 and 2022.

The facility had already been on hot idle.

Under the Consent Decree, U. S. Steel agreed to: contribute $4.5 million to projects supporting public health and welfare and/or air quality improvement in the Mon Valley; invest approximately $19.5 million in upgrades to coke oven gas cleaning facilities; pay $500,000 to the Allegheny County Clean Air Fund; a lower hydrogen sulfide limit in coke oven gas and other changes at the Clairton Plant.

“At U. S. Steel, there are more than 3,000 hardworking men and women in the Mon Valley who strive every day to make essential steel in a way that complies with all environmental regulations. When we miss that mark, we will make changes so we can do better,” said Kurt Barshick, Mon Valley Works vice president. “We’re glad that a significant amount of funds from this agreement will make their way back into the communities where we live and work.”