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Vista Metals Introduces Large Forging Ingot

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Vista Metals, Adairsville, Ga., has introduced the largest forging ingot in the Western world, the company claimed. The billet was developed to supply aluminum forging applications serving the needs of the aerospace, industrial and power generation sectors.

The new 52-inch-diameter forging ingot represents the largest raw material input weight for forging applications currently offered in the market. It is cast at a 52-inch diameter with a weight of approximately 50,000 pounds.

It is finished at 48 inches in diameter and weighs up to 30,000 pounds.

“At Vista Metals, we pride ourselves at anticipating market needs and creating those capabilities to make our customers more successful. This is another great example of Vista Metals aggressively investing in the future,” said Bob Praefke, executive vice president of Vista Metals.