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Wieland Breaks Ground on Recycling Center

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Wieland has broken ground on a new copper recycling center at its Vöhringen site in Germany. The company already operates a foundry at the site.

The  center will enable the processing of copper scrap, thus increasing the global recycling rate of Wieland products to more than 80 percent after commissioning.

"If we look at the foundry expansion in Vöhringen with a recycling center from a sustainability perspective, this is a global showcase project with a signal effect," said Dr. Erwin Mayr, CEO of the Wieland Group. "The new plant is an important building block on our way to sustainably closing the material cycle and increasing our global recycling rate to 100 percent in the near future."

This endeavor brings Wieland a big step closer to its goal of greenhouse gas-neutral production by 2045 at the latest. Other cornerstones of the decarbonization strategy are the electrification of all plants to phase out fossil fuels and the full use of renewable energy through green power supply contracts and
in-house power generation using photovoltaic and wind power systems.

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