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Zekelman Joins Solar Initiative

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Zekelman Industries is one of four U.S. companies that have joined an initiative to restore America’s position of prominence in solar photovoltaic and battery storage technologies. The initiative is founded in Arkansas by Scenic Hill Solar.

“We are pushing for an American-led renewable energy system, starting in Arkansas,” said Bill Halter, CEO of Scenic Hill Solar. “The solar industry began in the United States but then shifted overseas. We are partnering with these leading companies to bring the industry back home to America by focusing on innovation and collaboration among the premier American manufacturers of solar equipment and batteries.”

With the intention to maximize American-made equipment, software and technology, solar power plants owned by Scenic Hill Solar will be used as testing labs, demonstration facilities and opportunities for collaboration by these leading American renewable energy companies.

“A vibrant U.S. base of renewable energy manufacturers provides greater energy independence, strengthens American national security, mitigates global supply chain disruptions like those resulting from COVID-19, and maximizes the economic development opportunities for Americans provided by the explosive growth of renewable energy,” said Halter.

“The building of America’s solar infrastructure should be supplied by companies that make it here. With continual investments in current and new factories, we are well positioned to support this initiative,” said Barry Zekelman, chairman and CEO for Zekelman Industries. “Our new facilities in Blytheville, Arkansas and others across the United States are among the cleanest steel tube and pipe manufacturing facilities in the world and are ready to provide the highest quality steel torque tubes, screw piles, and pipe piles for utility scale solar installations.”



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