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Advertisers Invited to MCN's AD-Q Readership Study

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MCN Editor Dan Markham

Metal Center News is closing in on the advertising deadline for the July edition of the magazine, and we wanted to send out a final reminder to our ad base about the opportunity provided in the issue.

Once again, MCN will be conducting an extensive survey of our readers, primarily on the larger paid advertisements in the issue. The idea is to provide valuable feedback to our advertisers about how effective, memorable, and perhaps most important, likely to lead to action their print ads are. It also provides information on the decision-making capabilities of the individuals completing the survey, so you know how empowered our readers are.

The survey is an invaluable tool for advertisers to gauge the overall effectiveness of their print ads and what strategies they can follow to better increase their brand awareness and reputation.

As most of us, particularly those still fortunate to be employed, are cognizant of the damage done to the economy and its workers during the pandemic and feeling a desire to help, MCN will use the survey to help give back. To encourage greater reader participation, MCN will donate $5 for every completed survey to Feeding America, a top-rated national charity that fights hunger across the United States.

Advertisers who would still like to participate in the AD-Q Readership study should contact Ed Sreniawski at 630-819-8972 or 630-572-0670 Kerry Gottlieb today.

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