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Aerospace Will Pave the Way

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MCN Editor Dan Markham

I hopped on a plane Monday morning. I wasn’t alone.

Domestic travel in 2023 is expected to pass the previous peak of 2019, signifying the full recovery from the COVID pandemic that decimated air travel around the globe. The remainder of the world is expected to exceed its peak numbers next year.

By 2026, domestic air traffic is expected to grow to 21 percent above 2019 levels. A similar story is anticipated worldwide.

Backlogs of planes, created by the combined forces of demand increases and the supply bottlenecks coming out of the pandemic, are at record levels. Some narrow-body planes won’t be available until 2030.

Airbus Vice President Olivier Maillard predicted the robust airframe production ramp-up will reach its highest rates in history through 2030 and beyond.

All of this made the gathered folks at Titanium USA (the destination of my start-of-the-week sojourn) extremely excited. If I had found myself at a gathering of aluminum or specialty metals executives, I’m sure I would have encountered similar levels of giddiness.

There will be challenges for many sectors of the industrial metals economy in the coming years. But barring another pandemic (bite my tongue), the aerospace sector should be a steady source of support.