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Answering the Call

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MCN Editor Dan Markham

One of the bright spots, OK, the only bright spot, of the COVID-19 outbreak has been seeing the response of the manufacturing community to the crisis. Scores of businesses and innovative individuals, many of them in the metals supply chain, have stepped up to respond to our nation’s needs.

Stories of shortages in hospitals, nursing homes or other care facilities of respirators or other medical devices are countered with articles of a local manufacturing facility working long hours to craft a solution to the need. The lack of personal protective equipment is inspiring a wave of manufacturers to create masks or face shields.  

It’s truly impressive to read or see how companies have reconfigured on the fly, transitioning to the production of an entirely new device or product, then ramping up to meet local, state or national needs.

You can read about a couple of these instances here and here. And if your company is doing something similar to help in the fight, please share it with the editors at Metal Center News.

We need all of the good news we can get right now.


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