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FGM to Put ‘Money Where Mouth Is’

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MCN Editor Dan Markham

Flack Global Metals has been promoting the value of financial risk management tools such as hedging since its founding a dozen years earlier. The company took another step Monday to demonstrate its faith in those practices.

FGM moved downstream with the acquisition of Fabral, a supplier of metal building envelope solutions. It follows on the heels of its creation of Flack Metal Bank, a merchant bank for the metals supply chain, and its upcoming Risk Initiatives Summit for Executives in March. Each is just another avenue to demonstrate the value creation that comes with the employment of risk management tools.

With Fabral, FGM will have the opportunity to put the philosophy to test in a whole new way. “We have had great success working with progressive steel-buying OEMs who embrace our approach to separating metals supply from price using proven risk management strategies, including hedging,” said Jeremy Flack, Flack Global Metals founder and CEO. “Fabral gets us one step closer to end-consumers of metal building products, making FGM a more informed partner no matter if you use our distribution services, our financial services, our manufacturing capabilities or any combination of the three.”

The creation of the bank truly makes it possible to fully unlock the potential of a downstream company such as Fabral, Jeremy Flack told Metal Center News last month.

“We intend to prove – using our own capital and that of progressive partners – the impact that is made when a company moves beyond the antiquated buying practices that dominate the steel industry. Too many steel buyers remain trapped in the past. This is our way of building the future.”

For more on FGM, look for the March print edition of Metal Center News.