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MCN Executive of the Year Nominees Sought

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MCN Editor Dan Markham

As summer starts to wind down, it's time for Metal Center News to once again think of its highest honor – the Service Center Executive of the Year. This year's honoree will become the 23rd recipient of the distinction.

The last two winners have taken the honor as a capstone to lengthy careers in the metals distribution business. 2018 winner Gregg Mollins of Reliance Steel & Aluminum and 2017 honoree Bill Partalis of Kloeckner Metals both retired from the business shortly after earning the distinction.

The award is designed to honor a service center executive who has been a force in the business in multiple ways, a woman or man who has guided the company to great financial success and growth and has served as a leader in the industry and the community in which the business operates. The type of executive who serves as a model for the rest of the service center sector to emulate.

If you know of a worthy nominee, please call or email me between now and Oct. 9, explaining who you support and why that person is so deserving. The more information you provide, the better your nominee’s chances of becoming the next winner of the service center industry’s highest honor.

I’m proud to continue on this annual tradition at Metal Center News, and look forward to sharing the story of this year’s honoree in the December issue of the magazine. Thanks in advance for your help in making this year’s winner a worthy addition to our list of service center industry giants.

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