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Reisman: Industrial Metals Market is Sideways

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The robust metal pricing environment of 2018 has run its course. But MetalMiner’s Lisa Reisman is not yet convinced it’s truly turned into a bear market.

Reisman was the guest speaker at last week’s meeting of the Chicago Chapter of the Association of Women in the Metals Industries. She delivered a message that wasn’t exactly music to the ears of its audience, primarily representatives of steel mills. Then again, it wasn’t exactly shocking to them either.

Reisman’s company does not predict prices. Rather it advises its steel buying clients on when and how aggressively to enter the market. Right now, the message is more “wait and see” than anything else.

“From our perspective, the bull market seems to be out of steam,” she said. “However,  we’re not bearish yet.”

That could come, given the decline in Chinese steel prices, fall in oil prices and reduced lead times.  

“If it continues to fall, by Feb. 1 we might call this a bear market in industrial metals,” she said.

For more on Reisman’s comments to AWMI, see the February issue of Metal Center News.