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AIDA Offers Two New Servo Presses at FABTECH

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AIDA-America Corp., Dayton, Ohio, will display two servo presses at FABTECH. The AIDA DSF-C1-1500, a 150-ton, gap frame servo press, will blank HSLA material and demonstrate AIDA’s Silent Blanking motion profile which can only be achieved using a servo press. The demonstration will also highlight the versatility of AIDA servo presses and how they can improve virtually any stamping operation, the company claims. These improvements include increased productivity, improved part quality, increased die life, reduced maintenance and more, AIDA claims.

The second AIDA DSF Series press on display, a DSF-N2-3000, 300-ton, two-point unitized frame servo press, will be part of a full production line producing near-net-shape fine blanked parts. These parts, made from 4.5-millimeter thick steel, demonstrate how the combination of AIDA DSF Series Servo Press accuracy and programmability have been utilized to transition production from a high-cost labor, intensive-machining process to a more efficient and economical stamping process.

AIDA will be located at Booth A5425.

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