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Koike's Universal Controller Simplifies Positioning

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Koike Aronson, Arcade, N.Y., will display its Universal Controller at FABTECH. The controller offers precise automated positioning to users.

The Universal Control is a proprietary system designed to simplify and automate positioning tasks on one or more positioners via a user-friendly Human Machine Interface.

Axes on one or several positioners can be easily configured to work in concert to perform various process functions, eliminating the need for the operator to execute the tasks manually. In addition to saving the operator’s time, it also reduces the chance of error and improves safety since, once programmed, the Universal Control performs its tasks identically each time.

The Universal Control utilizes specialized software and motion-control components, in conjunction with VFDs and/or servos with encoded motors to provide quick and easy control of the entire system via a graphical touch screen display. A standardized HMI format provides quick and easy access to all axis controls and status displays.

Visit Koike at Booth B17008 at FABTECH.

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