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Behringer Expands Band Saw Line Behringer Saws, Inc., Morgantown, Pa., has expanded its HBE Dynamic Series Automatic Horizontal Band Saw line with the introduction of the HBE-663A. The HBE-663A is a heavy-duty, high-production, hydraulic horizontal band saw designed to cut all materials, including structural steels and high-tensile strength solids. The HBE-663A has a large cutting capacity of 26 inches for round stock and 28-by-26 inches for flat stock, and a standard speed range of 33-360 SFM. The saw offers a single stroke feed length of 21.2 inches with an optional 3 meter (118 inch) feeding unit available. The HBE-663A’s large diameter inclined cast iron band wheels decrease blade twist from wheel to guide, reducing bending fatigue in the saw blade to improve blade life. The saw also features induction hardened contact surfaces on its band wheels and all vice jaws, which reduces wear. Behringer HBE Series saws utilize a ball-screw servo-driven precision downfeed control that automatically adjusts blade pressure, creating an optimal balance of feed rate and cutting pressure for improved quality and cutting rates, while extending blade life. The electrically powered ball-screw-driven material feed gripper eliminates backlash and ensures precise material positioning for improved accuracy, the company claims. For more information, call 888-234-7464 or visit

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