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HYDMECH Saw Cuts Banded Material HYDMECH Group, Woodstock, Ontario, offers the V-20APC vertical band saw. The saw’s special lift and carry shuttle allows banded material to pass by the fixed vise. The operator can now load banded material directly onto the saw with confidence that the cuts will be accurate without interference from the banding. The rack and pinion, servo-driven shuttle moves material at a fast 8 inches per second with automatic multi-indexing, the company claims. The V-20APC is easy to operate with its icon-driven interface. The saw’s intuitive Windows touch-screen controller reduces training time and operator errors. Pre-programmed subroutines are available to easily program bullet nose cuts and other shapes. The V-20APC’s large 20-inch by 25-inch capacity allows for cutting a wide variety of material sizes and bundles. Its ability to miter 60 degrees both ways allows for cutting many different profiles and angles without having to move the material. For more information, call 877-276-SAWS or visit