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Marvel 600A-PC3 Designed for Bundle Cutting Marvel Manufacturing Co., Inc., Oshkosh, Wis., has introduced the Marvel 600A-PC3 saw, specifically designed for bundle cutting. The saw’s rigid design features a 2-inch blade, full capacity (24 inch by 24 inch) vises and overhead clamps, and a 10-foot automatic feed table. An optional puller vise allows for a trim cut on the bundle end that reduces remnants to practically nothing. This new concept retracts the machine vises, overhead clamps and table supports so there is nothing for banding to catch on as the bundles are moved through the saw. All of the saw functions are controlled through the new Marvel PC3.1 touchscreen control, which includes productivity reporting by shift, weekly, monthly or yearly. Like all Marvel saws, the 600A-PC3 can be combined with a wide variety of material-handling equipment to further increase efficiency. For more information, call 800-472-9464 or visit

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