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Simonds Reintroduces Enhanced Blade Lines Simonds Saw, Fitchburg, Mass., has reintroduced two major bi-metal band saw blade lines that combine new features with advanced manufacturing methods, increasing cutting rates in production metal sawing applications by up to 20 percent, the company claims. Simonds’ SiClone is designed for cutting alloys such as Inconel, while Simonds’ BlockBuster is designed for high production sawing where cut accuracy and blade life are critical factors. The blades are made with a rugged backing steel, a proprietary heat-treating process for exceptionally long blade life, new proprietary tooth tip metallurgy laser-welded with highly consistent settings for aggressive cutting, and a proprietary finishing process for increased blade body strength that enhances production sawing performance, the company says. The enhanced new SiClone and BlockBuster bi-metal blades are available from 2-inch to 3 1/8-inch widths and are guaranteed to outperform a user’s existing saw blades. For more information, call 800-343-1616 or visit