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Amerinox Processing Expands Footprint

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Amerinox Processing, Camden, N.J., has expanded its operations with the acquisition of an 80,000-square-foot facility. The new building brings total square footage up to 200,000 feet, all under crane.

“We’ve been growing in certain segments of our business and had an opportunity to grab a building that was adjacent to our facility, and gave us the ability to handle and store more material and be a little more efficient as we look at additional processing material,” says owner Seth Young.

Amerinox Processing is a 100 percent toll processor, specializing in white metals. The company has recently added the “biggest plate polishing line in the United States,” he says, a line which can run material up to 6 inches thick. “We can virtually cut and polish anything rolled in stainless steel. It was a big complement to what we we’re doing.”

Amerinox also operates a new Red Bud cut-to-length line with blanking, and is exploring adding a slitter to the facility.

Amerinox operated as a stainless steel processor at first but has added aluminum to its product mix. “We’re continuing to make that an important part of what we do here. When you focus on the white metal segment of the business, you don’t switch from one to the other and contaminate your levelers and grippers that come with the switch from carbon to stainless or carbon to aluminum,” Young says.