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FABTECH Highlights

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FABTECH Highlights A sampling of the latest innovations to be exhibited at FABTECH, Nov. 19-21, in Chicago's McCormick Place. Trumpf to Exhibit TruLaser, TruBend Trumpf Inc., Farmington, Conn., will introduce several new technologies at FABTECH including the TruLaser 5030 fiber system and TruBend Cell 7000, in Booth S1701. The TruLaser 5030 fiber with a 5kW TruDisk laser is claimed to be the highest powered solid-state laser cutting machine on the market. It achieves very high cutting speeds in thin sheet, including nonferrous metals such as copper and brass, without losing the ability to cut thicker material, the company says. Trumpf will also introduce the TruBend Cell 7000 to the North American market. As the world’s fastest system for the automated bending of small parts, it boasts an average cycle time of four seconds per bend, delivering parts twice as fast as conventional bending cells, the company claims. The system features a TruBend 7036 Cell Edition press brake, BendMaster bending robot, LoadMaster Bend material handling unit, a pallet system, tracks and enclosure in only 69 square feet of floor space. For more information, visit Hans Weber to Show Finishing Equipment Hans Weber Sales & Service, Paola, Kan., will display information on its line of polishing, deburring and slag grinding machines in Booth S2205. Visitors will have an opportunity to learn about the company’s full line, including the TT series with up to five machining stations. Available in a top and bottom grinding versions, Weber TT series machines can round edges, deburr, remove laser oxide film and finish all in a single pass. For more information, visit Walker Magnetics to Intro Total Coverage Plus Walker Magnetics, Worcester, Mass., will exhibit its Total Coverage Plus advanced material handling system in Booth S2172. TCP is a magnetic and vacuum system that handles up to 10-foot by 50-foot plates, cutouts, skeletons or remnants—all with the touch of a screen. Walker Magnetic solutions can be tailored to meet specific material-handling needs, from electro magnets or electro-permanent magnets to battery powered or permanent magnets. Loading and unloading burning tables can be done quickly and safely with magnets, reducing downtime and increasing part-cutting productivity. For more information, visit Butech Bliss to Highlight Levelers Butech Bliss, Salem, Ohio, will exhibit the Synergy leveling system in Booth S2102. The Butech Bliss Synergy leveler incorporates the company’s exclusive independent work roll drive system and a proprietary roll configuration that extends the working gauge range of the leveler without having to change out roll cassettes or requiring two separate levelers. This unique leveler increases line productivity and produces superior shape correction and memory reduction when compared to conventional levelers, the company claims. Each work roll has its own motor and independent gear reduction allowing each roll to load share and turn at the exact speed dictated by the roll’s plunge setting. Distribution box and spindle wind-up is a problem for other levelers with a pinion stand and split pinion stands, but the Synergy system doesn’t require mechanically locked sets of gears. Instead it uses common off-the-shelf lower horsepower motors and independent gearing. This exclusive feature provides inter-roll tension between all work rolls, greater energy efficiency, uptime redundancy and eliminates strip marking due to slippage. For more information, visit Koike Aronson to Unveil Compact CNC Cutting Machine Koike Aronson, Inc./Ransome, Arcade, N.Y., will exhibit the PNC-12 Extreme CNC cutting machine in Booth N806. The PNC-12 Extreme is an easy-to-use, economical system for plasma and oxyfuel cutting. Its CNC operation is simple and installation time is quick—just plug in and cut. Pre-installed shape templates are included. The machine’s light weight makes it easy to move and use just about anywhere, the company claims. The PNC-12 Extreme comes standard with C-Cut CAD/CAM software and cutting tips. It is compatible with most air plasmas on the market. The plasma cutting package includes an initial height sensor, arc voltage height control and torch break away. For more information, visit Machine Concepts Leveler Has Differential Roll Drive Machine Concepts Inc., Minster, Ohio, will exhibit its roller leveler line in Booth S3176. The leveler features a differential roll drive, which uses gearing and a variable clutch that drives the exit rolls faster with controlled torque to the exit roll cluster. This produces less roll slippage, less stress on the drive components, improved performance due to increased tension within the leveling process, less chatter and better HP utilization, the company claims. Also, MCI has added a new high-resolution shape sensor to its patented AutoFlat system, which improves shape feedback on the strip edge. For more information, visit ESAB Offers Combined Waterjet, Plasma Cutter ESAB Welding and Cutting Equipment, Florence, S.C., will exhibit the new Hydrocut LX, a combined waterjet and plasma cutting system featuring a patented process that delivers the best of both technologies, in Booth 1145. The Hydrocut CNC shape cutting machine uses the patented combination of thermal and non-thermal processes operating on the same gantry, allowing the machine to cut with the high accuracy of waterjet where needed, but employ the high speed and low cost of plasma whenever possible. By combining waterjet and plasma on the same machine, both tools can be used on the same parts. High precision contours can be cut with waterjet, while non-critical contours can be cut with plasma. This allows users to obtain precise cuts when needed without sacrificing speed on every cut. Parts that are suited for the waterjet-plasma combination can be cut in a fraction of the time, resulting in dramatic cost reduction and productivity increase when compared to waterjet cutting alone, the company claims. The Hydrocut LX is a heavy-duty gantry with a high-stiffness beam design featuring dual precision linear rails and precision rack and pinion drives. It is designed to cover large working areas and full size sheets, and can be equipped with up to four waterjet stations. It can also carry up to two high-definition plasma stations, featuring ESAB’s m3 Precision Plasmarc system. For more information, visit Hypertherm Powermax Air Plasma System Hypertherm, Hanover, N.H., will feature its new Powermax air plasma system in Booth S951. The new system—capable of both handheld and mechanized cutting and gouging—is the company’s most powerful air plasma offering. Though designed for 1½-inch cutting, the system will include Hypetherm’s new Duramax Hyamp torch series, a 100 percent duty cycle, and the longest consumable life in its class, the company claims. Powermax125 extends the Powermax line, enabling users to cut thicker material with cut speeds five times greater than oxyfuel on half-inch mild steel. With low operating costs, consumables are claimed to last up to four times longer than comparable air plasma systems. Simple controls with Smart Sense technology ensures air pressure is always set correctly. For more information, visit LaserRite Aids High-Speed Cutting American Biltrite Inc., Moorestown, N.J., will exhibit the LaserRite Duo line of laser films in Booth S2341. LaserRite Duo was developed to meet the high-speed requirements of the latest fiber laser machines and to be used on traditional CO2 lasers. LaserRite Duo does not require vaporization for efficient one-pass cutting without any blow-up. The result is clean cut edges, even during the fastest cutting speeds and highest nitrogen pressures, the company claims. LaserRite products are also available in all-white film construction for traditional CO2 lasers in both a blue and green color print. The two different print colors allow for quick and easy identification of different series of stainless. Both offer one-pass cutting without vaporization and no black traces left behind. Both have been tested under the highest nitrogen pressures on thicker gauge metal with no blow-up. The LaserRite proprietary adhesive system delivers increased efficiency because no vaporization of the film is required, resulting in one-step cutting process. For more information, visit Mazak Intros OPTIPLEX 4020 Laser Mazak Optonics Corp., Elgin, Ill., will exhibit its new OPTIPLEX CO2 laser-cutting system in Booth S921. In a new 6-by-12 foot format, the new design incorporates all of the performance advantages of the original OPTIPLEX with an expanded workspace for larger jobs, the company says. The OPTIPLEX 4020 can process materials ranging from the thinnest gauge steel up to 1-inch thick mild steel with a work piece weight capacity of up to 3,527 pounds. It also uses Mazak’s fully automated AO|5 setup, which overcomes the typical challenges of using varied work piece materials by improving productivity, without compromising cutting conditions. These optimal cutting conditions can even be retained during extended, unattended operation, the company claims. To simplify machine operation, the OPTIPLEX 4020 also features the new PreView Control with a 15-inch touch screen and straightforward user interface. The graphical interface clearly visualizes the cutting path and automatically determines process conditions, including the required lens, nozzle, feed rate and laser output for different materials and thicknesses. The system features are complemented by a 4,000-watt Type 10 resonator with the highly efficient ECO Mode, which lowers operation costs. For more information, visit