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Athader's Double Eccentric Slitter Head Eliminates Movement

Bradbury Group

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The Bradbury Group, Moundridge, Kan., offers the Athader Ultra-Precision Double Eccentric slitter head, which eliminates the movement of the arbors in any direction, providing a high-quality slit edge and longer knife life, the company claims. Features include: rigid welded steel construction; large driven arbors of alloy steel; preloaded high-precision bearings; zero-backlash arbor adjustments via a work gear and AC motor with automatic gap setting; and an operator touch screen control.

Arbors are sized for maximum slitter load, which is based on the number of cuts, the strength of the material and its thickness. Eccentric sleeve assemblies supporting the arbors simultaneously rotate to adjust for knife engagement, providing a constant pass-line height for the material throughout the grind life of the slitter knives. It also integrates automatic locking of tooling, eliminating the need for manual hydraulic nuts, reducing the man-work and allowing precise control of the locking pressure. The locking/unlocking time is achieved in less than 60 seconds, the company says.

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