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Advanced Controls on Braner Slitters

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Branerr SlittersBraner/Loopco, Schiller Park, Ill., offers advanced control technologies on its slitting lines that allow users to process a wide range of coil gauges, mechanical properties and surface finishes. The lines generate exceptional quality slit coil more efficiently and more safely than is possible with older equipment, the company claims.

Features on Braner/Loopco’s lines include wireless entry and exit-end coil weighing, automatic master coil loading and alignment, automatic hands-free coil thread-up, hands-free scrap thread-up and disposal, post-slitting strip loop control, precision in-line strip leveling and shape-correction, and automatic entry and exit end strip tension control. New safety features on all lines include an array of equipment lock-out operating permissives, which avert equipment energization when a crew member is in a potential hazard zone.
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