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AHVS Precision Leveler Features Flip-Top Design

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AHVS Precision LevelerANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco, Inc., Callery, Pa., offers precision corrective levelers capable of opening vertically more than standard levelers to allow for quick and easy inspection, cleaning and maintenance. As an option, the top frame will pivot open with the push of a button to allow further access to the rolls. In addition, the company offers the Punch-N-Go control system for automatic leveler setup, the Veritas Drive system and Level Vision, a non-contact camera-based flatness measurement system.

Many of the same features offered on the Precision Levelers are also available on the Strand Extensioner. The Strand Extensioner slitting process provides shape correction and eliminates the need for a looping pit in slitting lines.

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