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Allor Intros PULL-THRU Tension Leveler

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PULL-THRU Tension Leveler,Allor Manufacturing, Inc., Brighton, Mich., has introduced its PULL-THRU Tension Leveler, which provides flat strip with lower tension requirements vs. traditional tension levelers. The new machine uses a high-performance combination Scale Breaker/Tension Leveler and a Roller Leveler combined into a single compact machine, designed specifically for Red Bud’s Eco Pickled Surface coil lines running AHSS grade steel. The installation of an Allor Scale Breaker/Tension Leveler ahead of the cells of an EPS line allows the pickle line to increase its line speed by 35-40 percent, the company claims. Additional features include a smaller footprint compared with tension levelers, quick-change cassettes, fully automated setup sequencing and operational system control.

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