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Leveltek Stretch Leveler Requires No Special Reinforcements

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Leveltek Stretch LevelerLeveltek International, Benwood, W.Va., offers stretch leveling machines with stretch forces as high as 2,000 tons internal to the machine, allowing the machine to sit on a concrete floor without special foundations. The machines feature the company’s non-marking grip system and a fixed stretch index level, typically 50 feet.

The machine can be used to process carbon steel, pickled and oiled, stainless steel, painted/embossed carbon steel, nickel alloys, titanium, brass, copper and aluminum, all with a variety of surface finishes. It’s coil-to-coil line can process widths up to 72 inches and thickness from 0.008 to 0.250 inch. Its cut-to-length lines can process coils up to 96 inches wide and thicknesses from 0.040 to 0.625 inch. Leveltek stretch levelers can also be retrofitted into existing cut-to-length lines.

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