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Red Bud System Handles High-Strength Steels

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Red Bud Industries levering systemRed Bud Industries, Red Bud, Ill., has developed a new leveling system that it claims will eliminate defects from high-strength material that cannot be leveled using conventional methods. Newer high-strength materials require significantly more elongation to level and frequently exceed the capacities of most traditional roller levelers. Material with 80,000-yield strength requires twice the elongation as the same thickness material with 40,000-yield strength. Material with a 120,000 yield requires triple this amount.

Red Bud’s system uses a high-torque recoiling system that works in concert with a specially developed form-fit leveling process that uses small-roll technology. This technology also eliminates the need for expensive bridles. The process can achieve up to 95 percent plastification and can be used with material ranging in thickness from 0.010 inch to 0.250 inch, Red Bud claims.

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