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Total Steel Imports Up in January

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The U.S. imported 2.9 million net tons of steel in January, a 2.2 percent increase compared with the same month in 2017, reports the American Iron and Steel Institute, Washington. Finished steel imports of 2.3 million tons declined 0.1 percent from the same month last year.

Finished steel market share in January was estimated at 26 percent.

Key finished steel imports with significant gains compared with January 2017 included line pipe, up 100.8 percent; OCTG products, up 99.6 percent; hot-rolled bars, up 29.3 percent; and tin plate, up 26.5 percent.

In January, the largest volume of imports from offshore were from South Korea at 339,000 tons, up 8.8 percent from January 2017; Japan at 141,000 tons, down 3 percent; Turkey at 140,000 tons, down 54.6 percent; Taiwan at 117,000 tons, up 5.7 percent; and Brazil at 102,000 tons, up 27.6 percent.