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Hypertherm Increases Power in Powermax45 XP

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Powermax 45Hypertherm, Inc., Hanover, N.H., offers the new Powermax45 XP, a plasma cutter with more power and versatility, the company claims. Delivering 6.5 kilowatts of output power— 70 percent more than some competitive systems—the new system can cleanly cut material up to 5/8th of an inch and sever material nearly twice that thickness. Eleven different torch styles are available for handheld and mechanized use, as well as a variety of consumable types for specialized cutting and gouging applications. The system comes with other technological innovations including an all-new Duramax Lock torch, which has a torch disable switch for quick replacement of consumables, a FastConnect torch to quickly switch between different torches, and Smart Sense technology that automatically adjusts gas pressure and flow for optimal performance, the company says.

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