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American Posts Acquires Ohio-Kentucky Steel

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American Posts LLC has expanded the organization’s manufacturing expertise with the acquisition of Ohio-Kentucky Steel. The newly acquired company provides slitting of steel and aluminum.

American Posts, LLC was established in March 2005 and is the last manufacturer of steel u-posts in the United States. Its steel u-posts are used by homeowners, farmers and landscapers, as well as the defense and transportation industries.

“This was a strategic move for American Posts that enables us to provide an even more efficient service offering to our customers,” said David Feniger, president of American Posts. “By consolidating the processes into one company, we can control our own destiny by growing the manufacturing side of the business.”

In addition to its slitting services, Ohio-Kentucky Steel also provides material handling, warehousing and storage, and supply chain management.

“Our customers can rest easier knowing that we oversee every part of the process and the quality of our work.” The collaboration is a natural fit, as both companies are centrally located in the Manufacturing Belt, with American Posts in Toledo, Ohio, and Ohio-Kentucky Steel near Cincinnati,” Feniger said.

Universal Metals, a sister company of American Posts, will also have the advantage of these enhanced operations. “Our focus has always been on providing each customer the highest level of service and attention. Part of that focus is minimizing inventory levels and reducing the cost of doing business. Working with Ohio-Kentucky Steels saves our customers money in freight, given its location and access to transportation,” Feniger said.

Through the acquisition, Ohio-Kentucky Steel Corporation will become Ohio-Kentucky Steel LLC. Its facility in Franklin, Ohio, will continue to provide the same services, and all staff are expected to be retained.

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