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Behringer Saws

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HBE Series Features Automatic Adjustments Behringer Saws, Inc., Morgantown, Pa., offers the HBE Dynamic Series horizontal band saw. The HBE is available in four models: 261A, 321A, 411A and 511A. Its cutting range is from 10.2- to 20-inch diameter for round stock and from 11.8 by 10.2 inches up to 20 by 20 inches for flat stock. Stroke length is 25.6 inches and blade speed ranges from 50 to 350 feet per minute. Among the features on the HBE saw is a servo-driven down-feed control that automatically adjusts blade pressure and feed rate for improved quality and cutting rates, while extending blade life. An electrically powered ball-screw-driven material feed gripper eliminates backlash and ensures precise material positioning for improved accuracy, the company claims. HBE Series saws also come with an optional automatic feed control. The Behringer AFC feature automatically adjusts cutting parameters such as blade speed and down-feed rate to the material grade and shape. This permits operators to create flexible material programs leveraging cutting data based on specific material grade. The cast iron dual column construction of the HBE saw frame provides exceptional rigidity, eliminating stress, reducing vibration and enhancing blade tension. Two linear ways and four guides facilitate precise vertical movement of the blade. Cutting accuracy is further enhanced by the horizontal band arrangement and hydraulically tensioned blade, and double roller bearings for the blade guiding, the company says. For more information, call 888-234-7464 or visit