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Mazak Optonics Corp

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Intelligent Setup Functions Improve Throughput Mazak Optonics Corp., Elgin, Ill., has released a new OPTIPLEX Fiber laser-cutting series with exclusive Zeta 9 technology. Zeta 9 is a series of six intelligent setup functions and three intelligent monitoring functions designed to significantly reduce operator dependency and improve throughput and cut quality. Although many of these functions have been available on CO2 series machines, their availability on fiber laser-cutting machines is a major breakthrough for fiber processing effectiveness, the company claims. Zeta 9’s six intelligent setup functions include auto nozzle changing to optimize assist gas usage and maximize job feed rate, auto focus positioning to maximize part quality, focus detection to automatically calibrate reference positions, auto profiler calibration to keep a stable distance between material and the nozzle while cutting, auto nozzle cleaning to reduce operator intervention, and beam diameter control to cut a wide range of materials by changing the shape of the laser beam. Available in both a 3015 and 4020 version, the OPTIPLEX Fiber with Zeta 9 can significantly increase the productivity of thin to thick worksheet cutting compared to conventional laser processing machines. It is also designed to process reflective materials at greater speeds than its CO2 counterpart and can significantly reduce operating costs for applicable material types and thicknesses, the company claims. For more information, call 847-252-4500 or visit