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Pat Mooney, Inc

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Danobat Band Saw Has Zone Cut Technology Pat Mooney, Inc., Addison, Ill., offers the Danobat iDS4A, a fully automatic band saw with a 16.5-inch cut capacity and blade speed from 50 to 450 feet per minute. The Danobat iDS4A is said to cut a wide range of materials from high nickel alloys and stainless steel to carbon alloys and aluminum. The heavy-duty Danobat saw is known for its Zone Cut Technology, which allows faster cut times without prematurely wearing the saw blades. The saw’s twin columns are filled with polymer concrete, which aids in absorbing vibration, thereby enhancing cutting performance and blade life, the company claims. Blade guidance is carried out by a combination of bearings and carbide pads. When the machine cuts, the moving arm is locked in position with multiple hydraulic cylinders to ensure maximum rigidity. Feeding of material by the moving vice is incremental, thereby eliminating the need for the feeding vice to continuously move to the pre-set feeding position. This results in reduced cycle time, higher productivity and longer part life, the company claims. For more information, call 800-323-7503 or visit