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MCN Survey Offers Opportunity for Feedback

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Last week, most of you probably received Metal Center News’ July 2018 Survey. Many of you have already completed it, and for that we offer our thanks. Others are encouraged to take the few minutes necessary to fill it out. Respondents will be eligible to win one of three VISA gift cards to incentivize your participation.

The survey is primarily a vehicle for our advertisers, those companies that make it possible to keep the lights on. The survey asks our subscribers who have read the July issue a series of questions on the advertisements inside. It’s a nice opportunity to provide feedback to the advertisers about the success of their campaigns.

The survey also has an editorial component, allowing you to identify what features are useful and which ones might be best being relegated to history. I appreciate your candor here.

Of course, feedback of any type is always welcome, whether through email or phone calls or even smoke signals. But if the more anonymous nature of the survey appeals to you, by all means take advantage of it. 

Thank you for your participation, and your continued support of MCN.

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