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Big River Steel Will Double Capacity

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Big River Steel will invest $1.2 billion to double capacity at its mill in Osceola, Ark. The company’s rolled steel production capacity will reach 3.3 million tons annually after the expansion, while allowing BRS to produce higher grades of electrical steel.

The push into electrical steels will allow the company to focus on energy efficiency and the increase in hybrid and electric vehicle sales.

“Our $1.2 billion expansion will further cement Big River Steel’s position as a global leader in terms of advanced manufacturing and environmental stewardship,” said Dave Stickler, Big River Steel’s CEO. “Announcing this investment less than 18 months after beginning operations is a testament to the hard work and great success of the men and women on our team.”

SMS group GmbH has started engineering efforts at the facility. Construction activity will begin later in the year, continuing for approximately two years.

In addition to doubling its hot-rolled steel production and enhancing its electrical steel capability, the company is considering installing a coating line for auto applications, a decision that would involve bringing on an industry partner, the company says.

Big River is also considering supplying grain-oriented electrical steels to the market, possibly with this expansion.