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Copper and Brass Sales Installs b+s Line

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b+s group has installed a new Traverse Winding Line at thyssenkrupp Materials NA, in Bolingbrook, Ill., a supplier of slit brass and copper. The line is designed for winding 0.200-inch by 2.160-inch wide strips and material thicknesses from 0.005 inches to 0.095 inches, with mechanical properties of the metal ranging to 130,500 psi.

thyssenkrupp wanted to increase production, be more efficient and provide better quality in the oscillate wound coils they provide. The b+s line is equipped with automatic mode, allowing the operator to enter in the material specifications and the line system takes it from there, setting and controlling constant strip tension and all other functions of the line. Running at speeds up 1,000 fpm, the line can rewind the strips directly onto the recoil drum or on spools.

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