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NBM Changes Name to AVIVA METALS

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One of North America’s leading red metals manufacturers has changed its name. Houston’s NBM Metals became AVIVA METALS on Nov. 10.

The change is in conjunction with AVIVA METALS’ expansion of its machining services in addition to its existing manufacturing of bronze, brass and copper alloys. Aviva comes from the words “Spring” and “life,” and is intended to represent the company’s progress. “This new name communicates our desire to inspire and create a wealth of ideas and services, and to implement these with both efficiency and determination,” says Michael Greathead, president.

The company has made some changes to its machine shop, with more on the way. No changes have been made to other aspects of the operation, including the company’s facilities in Houston, Ohio, France and Mexico, where long-standing management teams remain in place.

The company expects the complete transformation to the new name and new logo will be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

We feel strongly that our new name, AVIVA METALS, will be the beginning of a new era as we seek to fulfill our long-term goals,” Greathead says.