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Lock Joint Tube Acquires Welded Tubes Inc.

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South Bend, Ind.-based Lock Joint Tube Company has acquired Welded Tubes Inc., Orwell, Ohio. Welded Tubes is a producer of high-volume, small-diameter, tight-tolerance tubing, primarily for the automotive industry.

The acquisition expands the reach of Lock Joint Tube, a Lerman Enterprises company, to five locations in four states.

“I knew WTI made great products; however, the workforce behind these great products is even more impressive! I look forward to the challenge of combining our teams and cultures. So far the experience has been very rewarding,” said Kevin Marks, president of Lock Joint Tube.

With the acquisition, Lock Joint Tube will expand its size range, customer base and tube knowledge, the companies claim. Currently, LTJ produces advanced high-strengh steels and DP grades, but not to the extent Welded Tubes does. Lerman Enterprises' Steel Warehouse will source and process the steel for the companies.

“As a company we look to solve our customers’ problems with innovative partnerships, products and processes. Welded Tube presented a unique opportunity for joint learning in the tubular products and automotive markets,” says Ted Lerman, CEO of Lerman Enterprises.