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Bailey Metal Processing implements STRATIX

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Bailey Metal Processing, a leading provider of lightweight steel products in Burlington, Ontario, has implemented the STRATIX metal service center software from Invera, a metal industry software specialist.


BMP implemented a full complement of STRATIX features including inventory management, purchasing, sales, online production planning, coil processing functions, shop-floor production recording, online shipment planning, non-conformance reporting, as well as invoicing & financials.
BMP was able to implement the STRATIX software, with no customizations, in seven months. This allowed BMP to update and streamline processes, eliminate manual work, improve traceability, and reduce hardware costs with STRATIX ON-DEMAND.


“First and foremost, STRATIX was designed for our industry,” said BMP’s Divisional Controller Stephen van Batenburg Stafford. “Several other packages would have required a significant amount of time and money to customize. With STRATIX, there was no compromise.”


The ability to review orders and have a real-time order status module provides current and accurate information for the BMP sales staff. In addition, the production recording and shipping modules in STRATIX have provided major benefits for BMP.  Physical inventory counts have become much more efficient and accurate with the introduction of tablets on the shop floor.  “Barcoded tags and the ability to deploy a fleet of tablets and scanners has allowed us to improve the timeliness and accuracy of our inventory movement, and significantly reduced the amount of time spent on each inventory count,” said van Batenburg Stafford. “We now count and reconcile about 4,500 tags in less than 5 hours.”


When opening a new location in the Vancouver area, BMP was able to deploy STRATIX at the location with no additional Invera consulting.  Using the STRATIX/MULTICO feature, users in Burlington are able to conduct transactions, manage inventory and provide seamless support.
The STRATIX EDI capabilities has allowed BMP to add a number of links between sister companies on different systems. This significantly reduced manual entry of sales orders, production updates and shipping transactions.